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Making a Difference to Patients

This section is dedicated to resources that can help to provide a better experience to patients from a range of BME backgrounds.


Covid19 - Accessible information for our communities

At the National Ambulance BME Forum we are aware of the difficulties some members of our community are facing in finding accessible information regarding COVID19. We have compiled a list of existing resources for you in one place to make it easier to share with our diverse communities to help keep them fully informed.

Translation from the UK Government:

For translations of the current information about coronavirus from the government, please click on the relevant languages below:

Translation from doctors of the World:

Doctors of the World is an independent humantiarian movement working at home and abroad to empower excluded people to access healthcare.

Doctors of the World have produced Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice for patients in 44 languages, which were produced in partnership with the British Red Cross, which are all available to view in browser or download for free

The complete list of available translations from Doctors of the World includes: English, Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Bengali, Bulgarian, Czech, Dari, Estonian, Farsi, French, German. Greek, Gujarati, Hausa, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Kiswahili, Krio, Kurdish Sorani, Lithuanian, Oromo, Malayalam, Pashto, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Sindhi, Slovak, Spanish, Somali, Tamil, Tigrinya, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese, Wolof, Yiddish.

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