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About Us

The National Ambulance Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) forum has been in existence since 2001. Its purpose is to bring together all NHS Ambulance Service BME staff networks, as well as providing an overarching support body with aim of promoting and raising the profile of race equality across the Ambulance sector.

In 2018 members of the forum agreed to re-launch and re-brand the forum inviting all Ambulance services to be represented on the forum.

How the Forum Works

The forum works in partnership with other key organisations such as NHS Employers, NHS England, AACE and others with the aim of eradicating discrimination on the grounds of race. It also endeavours to promote and raise equality of opportunity for all staff across the sector.

Each NHS Ambulance Trust has nominated a maximum of two representatives to sit on the national forum. The forum meets four times a year and is responsible for the co-ordination of activities and development of the objectives. It reports into the Ambulance National Diversity Forum which reports directly into the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives.

Achievements So Far

Some of our key achievements so far are:

  • One of the key areas of work in 2018 was to arrange, plan and deliver a national conference which was delivered in October 2018, bringing together BME and White staff from across the different NHS ambulance services. This took place in Leeds in October 2018
  • Ensuring a key resource used in the Ambulance sector has diverse images (Ambulance Care Practice)
  • Launching a website
  • Ramadhan Guidance for Ambulance Trusts
  • Bench marking of BME staff networks across the Ambulance Sector
  • Black History Month resource
  • Recruitment and Selection Toolkit to support Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Planning of our second conference in Brighton on the 24 October 2019- 'Race to Inclusion'

Getting Involved

We currently have two representatives from most Trusts but we are always looking for support with the larger events, such as the annual conference or larger localised events.

In the 'Resources' section you will find a page which looks at activities you can be involved with at the current time.

If you are involved in some work that you think could link with our objectives then please let us know. We are very keen to support the development of resources to give BME patients a better experience, and to provide better support to our staff.

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