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History of Race Relations and the Forum

The timeline below gives a brief outline of key dates pertaining to Race Relations. For a fuller overview of the time line please refer to the short document below.

  • 2010

    Equality Act replaced previous legislation (such as Race Relations Act 1976)and ensures consistency in what employers and employees need to do to make their workplaces a fair environment and comply with the law

  • 2006

    Equality Act established Equality & Human Rights Commission, a non-departmental public body with responsibility for the promotion and enforcement of equality and non-discrimination laws in England, Scotland and Wales.

  • 2004

    First national meeting of the Forum in London during the ‘Breaking Through’ conference where some staff met and formed a core committee.

  • 2001

    The origins of the Forum, by way of a Committee was established.

  • 2000

    Race Relations (Amendment) Act gave legal protection from racial discrimination and harassment on grounds of race or ethnic or national origins. It did not cover grounds of colour or nationality; these were covered by the Race Relations Act 1976.

  • 1976

    Race Relations Act extending the definition to include indirect discrimination. The Act replaced the Race Relations Board and Community Relations Commission with the Commission for Racial Equality. Individuals gained the ability to take discrimination complaints directly to civil courts of industrial tribunals. The Commission for Racial Equality was given responsibility to enforce legislation and conduct research to inform government policy on race relations.

  • 1968

    Race Relations Act extending the protection against discrimination beyond public places to include, amongst other things, employment and housing. The Act strengthened the powers of the Race Relations Board and established the Community Relations Commission

  • 1965

    Race Relations Act prohibited discrimination on the grounds of race in public places  and established the Race Relations Board with responsibility for conciliation of discrimination complaints

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