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Being Visible in Our Communities

The National Ambulance BME Forum is keen to participate in events that raise awareness of BME communities, their culture and heritage each year. An important part of this is the engagement events at a local level throughout the year, and whist we have had a small presence at events in the past we are keen to increase this going forward. The network is also keen to raise awareness of the lived experiences of our BME communities and hope that in sharing our resources and taking part in events both at a local and national level we can increase our visibility in our communities.

Black Lives Matter


The pain in the world is palpable following the death of George Floyd. Our Forum has written a statement in support of the ‘Black lives matter ‘movement , acknowledging this is a difficult time for BME communities and staff.


We recognise that people want to help and are unsure how to do this. The NABMEF have put together this short resource to provide guidance of how you can support your own education on this topic and become an active ally.


We thought this post from St. Emlyn's about social bias and privilege was fantastic:

Privilege is the special advantage granted to a particular group of people. In order to maintain privilege, inclusion to the group must be selective.Sometimes highly selective: the advantage of belonging to a select group reduces as inclusion becomes less selective when membership increases.

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