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Being Visible in Our Communities

The National Ambulance BME Forum is keen to participate in events that raise awareness of BME communities, their culture and heritage each year. An important part of this is the engagement events at a local level throughout the year, and whist we have had a small presence at events in the past we are keen to increase this going forward. The network is also keen to raise awareness of the lived experiences of our BME communities and hope that in sharing our resources and taking part in events both at a local and national level we can increase our visibility in our communities.

South Asian Heritage Month

South Asian Heritage Month (SAHM) exists in order to commemorate, mark and celebrate South Asian history and culture, as well as to better understand the diverse heritage that continues to link the UK and South Asia. It was launched in the House of Commons in July 2019. South Asian Heritage Month aims to commemorate, mark and celebrate the history and culture of British South Asian people. Held between 18 July and 17 August, the month seeks to create an open dialogue so people can better understand the diversity in Britain.

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