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Supporting Our Staff

The National Ambulance BME Network is working on several projects to improve the working lives of BME staff and educational resources that will impact on patient care. New resources will be added as they are developed.

It has been well documented that there are a number of issues that can impact on the health and well-being of staff due to racist behaviours, micro-aggression's and banter. Racism can make us ill. 

Staff are our most valuable asset and we need to ensure there are mechanisms in place so that people can be supported and perform in their roles effectively.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can be high for front line and emergency operations centre staff that are faced with distressed patients on a regular basis. Combined with this our BME staff are facing overt racist comments from staff and the public. Another challenge is being able to bring their 'authentic self to work'. These are all additional factors to working in the fast paced world of the Ambulance service.

The National Ambulance BME Forum is keen to raise these issues across the sector and advocates inclusive leadership whereby our managers 'listen with fascination' to their staff.  


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